Important update:
Please be aware that the recent surge of COVID cases has caused the demand for visits to exceed our capacity. As a result, we are making temporary changes to our usual check-in process.
Visits are still available on a first-come, first served basis until the maximum number of patients that we can care for in a given day is reached.
Your place in line for a visit is determined by your arrival time.
Upon arrival, please call the main number (706-705-4543) and notify us of your arrival. This will secure your spot in line. Think of this as being similar to arriving at a restaurant and putting your name in for a table.
Once your place in line is established, you will be given an estimation of when we will be ready for your visit. This is not an appointment, it is an estimate. The exact time of your visit is not guaranteed.
Once all available visits for the day have been assigned, our automated telephone greeting will be changed to indicate that all visits for the day have been spoken for. 
We will continue to work on improvements to the process. We have intentionally chosen not to schedule appointments on future days because we would like to start each day with available visits and because appointment no shows ultimately take a spot from another ill or injured person.
We greatly appreciate the opportunity to serve the community in this way.